Why our jewellery is designed in Canberra, and made in Bali


I'm a Canberra girl, and have always been at heart, although my husband and I have lived in England, Hobart, Melbourne, and the Gold Coast, before moving back to Canberra to settle into life with our two children.

I've always been ambitious and I really wanted to build something that was mine, from the ground up. I wanted to be passionate about my work and to work with others who were also passionate.

Deserved Luxury started as a curated collection of other peoples designs from Turkey, India and Indonesia.

I love to travel, but have had a love affair with Bali over the past decade. Each time I visit I used the same driver, Agung (who I referred to by a friend just over 9 years ago), a patient man with a wicked sense of humour! When the pandemic hit, I got an email from Agung asking me to write him a review. After running a successful business based on referrals, he was suddenly faced with the world shutting down and no customers. I wrote him a glowing review, but knew I wanted to do more.

After some time, a lightning bolt hit me, what if I started designing my own jewellery, and asked Agung to source a team of silver and gold craftspeople? After all, Bali are renowned for their talented artisans.

And so our journey started. With me cutting my teeth on design, and Agung putting together a talented team and sourcing all our pearls and gemstones. 

I am so honoured to have him as part of my team, and privileged to know exactly who makes my designs. We have created a real win-win relationship. Our artisans name their prices to ensure fair wages are achieved.

We create in small batches to keep our products sustainable, and to minimise waste.


Shown: Agung and one of our talented silver artisans.

Agung and his wife Candra.