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About Me

I have always been ambitious and I really wanted to build something that was mine, from the ground up. I wanted to be passionate about my work and to work with others who were also passionate.

Since we were 11 my best friend and I have always sent each other earrings. For special occasions, sad occasions and just to say ‘I’m thinking of you’. A little bit of a luxury that fits in the post and treats each other.

I have some chronic health issues, and through these experiences I have learnt that I have to put myself first. It’s not always about treating myself, mostly I have to listen to my body, as only I know what is normal for me. But I’ve also learnt the importance of enjoying life, the importance of having ambitions and following them.

Life is too short to give up or give in. But to lean in to what is, with acceptance, and flexibility, has let me follow my ambition, and remain a woman first.

Love Sarah xo