Charity Partnership

Every woman deserves respect.

Women deserve healthcare, safe housing, and everyday necessities. Women deserve to live with dignity.

To feel good, to look good, to be able to afford to look after yourself – these aren’t luxuries. They’re basic rights.

Deserved Luxury is more than an Australian jewellery brand. It’s a collective of women working together to create and to give.

Five  percent of proceeds go to supporting charities that support women.

When you give yourself or someone else a Deserved Luxury item, you tell a vulnerable woman that she is seen, that she is needed, that she is valued.

In 2021, we’re partnering with Toora Women Inc. to support Canberra women at risk from domestic violence, homelessness or drug and alcohol misuse.

With every purchase, you can leave a note for the women and staff at Toora Women Inc., inviting them to know a little bit about your story as you become a part of theirs. Your note will be included with our monthly donation.

We’re so glad you found Deserved Luxury, and grateful you’re on this journey of generosity, empowerment and self-care with us.